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H. E. Rev Malakhov vsevolod Alexandrovich. Honorary Member for Moscow - Russia. From 1977 to 1987. I was a physical - mathematical school. From 1987 to 1988 I worked at the Moscow State University of Environmental Engineering at the department of physics at the laboratory assistant. 127550, Russia, Moscow,st. Pryanishnikov Str. 19 From 1998 to 1990 I served in the Soviet Army in the Republic of Kazakhstan.military unit 03 860 From 1990 to 1991 he worked at the Military Commissariat of the Railway District .Adres Street. Lihoborskie mounds, 9, k. 3, Moscow, 125183 Phone: 8 (495) 450-08-81 From 1991 to 1993 I studied at the College of Management and Law. A lawyer - economist of the Tax Police. Address . 129281. Starovatutinsky travel 6. phone 095 184 2045 From 1993 - 1995 he worked as a manager in the Soviet- USA - Bulgaria ENTERPRISE "STAR ASKAR" Address: RUSSIA, Moscow, Russia. Smolnaya, D 11/13 Postal Code: 125493 Phone 452-59-61Since 1995, he worked in the company PSE Cortes Guard chief of security.Location: Naval st., 90, Moscow, 125413 Phone: 8 (495) 453-03-81Condor Security Company CHOP. Director of security Address 127422, Moscow, st. Timiryazevskaya Str. 38/25 Phone 453-03-81At the same time I took part in the work of the board of the Southern District of anti-terrorist activities.In 2002 I graduated from high school security Dukes.In 2005, he worked at the Military Commissariat of the Deputy Chief of the Department 3 Address: Str. Lihoborskie mounds, 9, k. 3, Moscow, 125183 Phone: 8 (495) 450-08-81 Since 2005 he studied at the Episcopal School catacomb Christians, the true church is an educational institution, do not have state registration and existed only on the enthusiasm of the members of the Christian catacomb. Now renamed the seminary. In 2010 I graduated from this institution. In January 2012, I was ordained a deacon in December 2012 a priest, and in August 2013 to the bishop. Then I got an offer to join the International Bexonist ministry and church .30 Elmfield Avenue Cheltenham Gloucester shire  England GL51 9JQ. and in the Holy Order of the Celtic circle. The Council of Bishops Bexonist International Ministries and the church decided to take me as a bishop. The Council of Bishops of the bishops were Shombi, Huler, Bexon, Perkins, Norman. In 2013, I studied anthropology and psychology at the Academy of Sciences of New York, in 2013 - 2015 he studied religious studies at the American Academy of Religion.I am a member of the National Association of Christian clergymen, the World Congress of Religions, an international association of clergy AOCI, Interfaith Partnership Green Faith, ACADEMY OF UNIVERSAL GLOBAL PEACE.In August 2015, I was admitted to the Celtic Riteand theCeltic Cross Foundation of Ministry with the Old Catholic & Protestant Celtic Rite of Templar Churches and Ministries Plantings and Ministries International in the dignity of Archbishop .310 West 7th Street Suite # 1212 Lorain, Ohio 44052 U.S.A.Phone: (440) 949-0573 Email I was ordained a monk and the name of Cormac.September 24 this year at the request of OurVoices and other environmental organizations, I held a rally in Moscow dedicated to the speech of Pope Francis at the UN General Assembly. The prayer meeting with candles. Moscow for the first time to join such a wonderful initiative. Russia, I help manage the affairs of the Metropolitan Elias Orthodox Catholic Church (international service), represents the old Celtic Catholic Church, supervise online seminary and Athos brotherhood, have led the movement for church distribute food and warm clothes to the homeless. We have organized an association of creative people - poets, writers, musicians. League organized religious organizations. We are working on publishing cultural magazine of the Academy of Natural Sciences.I have a very large number of friends among the priests and bishops all over the world. I have many friends of priests and bishops in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. I can be of great benefit to your wonderful organization. Below I provide links to our sites locale= ru RU&trk=prof-0-sb-preview-primary-button malaxov 204940362 http://www.celticcross .html /

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