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H. E. Dr. Carla Bianca. Education: Universidade Uninorte Major: Adminstration. Degree: Bachelor's. University CIESA. A full MBA course of the CIESA University, Majoring in Business Management. DEGREE: MBA. INTERNATIONAL HOUSE DUBLIN English Course - Exchange. University Uninorte: Major: Lawyer. FUTURE Degree: Bachelor's. WORK EXPERIENCE: CHIBATAO NAVEGACAO E COMERCIO: administrative Assistent. Rio Limpo Industria e Comercio: administratative Assistent. Impram Impressora Amazonense: Comercial Supervisor. Executive Summary of Activities in PIM: Projects implemented and conducted in the commercial area of the industrial business focused on serving the grafic printing market in Industrial pole of Manaus. I am responsible for presenting new perspectives for prospects to the industries need to develop new applications on their packing for over 5 multinational planning and implementation of graphic designs and packaging for over 5 multinational industries; BIC, SAMSUNG, TECHNICOLOR, ESSILOR, TRANSIRE, SONY, do Brazil and others. I keep my assets include the supervision contracts more than 20% monttly active. RESUME & PURPOSE: Professional with extensive technical knowledge in Business Intelligence, the process of collecting, organizing, analyzing, sharing and monitoring information that support national and international business management capable of handing large amounts of unstructured data to help identity, develope and otherwise create new strategic business opportunities and implement an effective strategy based on insights that can provide businesses a market advantage and competitive long - term stability in order to support a wide range of business decisions ranging from operational to strategic. Basic operational decisions include the positioning of the product or price. Domino strategic business decisions ranging including desitions, priorities, goals and directions at the broadest level. In all cases, it's more effective when combined derivatives market data where the company operates ( external data) with internal sources of company  data for business, such as financial and operational data ( internal data). Combined external and internal data can provide a more complete picture, in fact, creates "intelligence" that can not be achieved by any sigle set of data. More referrals at: + 55 92 98215 8770. carlabianca.araujo

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