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H. E.  DR. F. GÜLGÜN KIRGIZ ADENİYİ AJAYİ, Honorary Member for Republic of Turkey, Medical Doctor retired pediatrician Dr. From Turkey ., I have my own companies Group in diffrent countries , with my partners ..and ı am the fınance and projects and politicail entrepreneurship consultant , and I am a member of the royal family and royal Academy ,, I am representatives chairman in Türkey and West Africa and Nigeria International Royal Academy of United Nations,, My Husband was King of Nigeria –Ekiti state .. he was died 3 years befor , but ı am still Queen there . I know English , Turkish and German language .. I am still working for African needly children and needly peoples ,, 20 years ago ı am live in Nigeria also in Türkey .. I am constantly traveling to Africa , I've made so far, about 27 projects , some of my inventions and projects got the worldwide award , particularly in the matter of electricity and in financial ; I have my own patants certificates about my projects ,and about my Royal Academy and my Queen ID . Also ı am the members of Unicef and to many foundations and asosiations. :


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