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H. E. Dr. Jean Carlos Lima. Honorary Member. CEO of IBRAMAC - Brazilian Institute of Mediation, Conciliation and Arbitration and ANAPAM - National Academy of Arbitration and Mediation Practice. Ph.D. in International Law (England), Inglês Ph.D. in Teaching as a Foreign Language (USA) Doctor in Judicial Science (Argentine), Post- Doctor in Linguistics (USA), Post- doctor in Law with in ADR . (Argentine), Bachelor of Art in Law - (USA), Bachelor of Law (Lawyer) - (Argentine), Master in Derecho de Trabajo y Relaciones Internacionales (Argentine). Professor at UNIVERSE - Salgado de Oliveira University - Campus Recife. Professor at Trinity College - Seychells. Author of several books and scientific articles on mediation, negotiation and arbitration, law interpretation, law argumentation and workplace negotiation, international law, jury trail, Inglês language and so on. Has been working as a negotiator and mediator for many years, also is Arbitrator. Member of the Arbitration Committee of the American Bar Association. Expert at NLP, Member of the Scientific Board of AdrNews magazine. Vice President of Global Mediators Network, and Member of Counselor of Girna American University. Five most relevant publications in last 5 years (1) Conflict Mediation. Practice and theory. An approach to the game's Theory - John Von Neumann. 5th edition. Recife: Adsumus, 2015 (2) Arbitration Course. Practice and theory. Conflict Mediation. Practice and theory. An approach to the game's theory - John Von Neumann.5th edition. Recife: Adsumus, 2015 (3) Conflict Negotiation. Strategies for success. 1st edition. Sao Paulo: Ltr, 21011 (4) Negotiation and Mediation conflict at workplace. Recife: Adsumus, 2015. To reach my complete CV, please click at

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