H.E. Hilderberto Chagas de oliveira Filho Itzchak Chaim. Honorary Member for State of Rondonia - Brazil. Degree in Physics. Federal University of Rondônia, UNITE, Brazil.Title: superstring theory (M-theory). Exploring Quantum Physics.University of Maryland, College Park.From the Big Bang to Dark Energy. (Hours: 9 am).University of Tokyo.Colossal magneto resistance and geometric frustration. (Hours: 40h.Federal University of Mato Grosso.2010 - 2010 Quantum Mechanics and Group Theory. (Credit Hours: Student in the field of classical physics and quantum physics; with an interest in neutron stars from the study of behavior and concepts of group theory: bilinear forms, vector spaces with inner connection, Minkowski space, Lorentz group, tensor representations of the Lorentz group, spinorial representations of the Lorentz group. Also in the area of Theory M: unifying the five different theories of super strings. Matter and field, is your background membrane, flowing through the universe of 11 dimensions. 40h).Federal University of Mato Grosso. 2010 - 2010solitons and the Nature of Fundamental Interactions. (Credit Hours: 40h).Federal University of Mato Grosso.2010 - 2010GO. Course Flow Ricci and Conjecture P .. (Credit Hours: 22h). Association National Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics.2010 - 2010GO. Functional integration in Quantum Mechanics. (Credit Hours: 10h).University of Sao Paulo.2009 - 2009Mathematical Physics: T. G. Quantum Mechanics. (Credit Hours: 40h).Federal University of Mato Grosso.2009 - 2009Integrable systems and topological solitons. (Credit Hours: 40h).Federal University of Mato Grosso.2008 - 2008Cosmology EAD. (Credit Hours: 20h).National Observatory, ON, Brazil.Professional performanceVestibular masters, MV, Brazil.institutional bond2014 - PresentType of contract: Professor of Physics, Functional Placement:, Credit Hours: 5Municipality of Porto Velho, VWAP, Brazil.institutional bond2012 - CurrentType of contract: Professor, Pre-Enem, Functional Placement:, Credit Hours: 20 Federal University of Rondônia, UNITE, Brazil.institutional bond 2010 - 2011 Type of contract: Employee, Functional Placement:, Exclusive Dedication.Extension Projects 2010 - Current Thermal blankets Description: Blankets Thermal Low Cost: Environmental, Physical and Life Quality In thinking as a citizen, it is the role of education take the student that there are many low-income families that have in their homes, roofing devoid of thermal insulation as a consequence of high cost of purchase and installation. Tiles asbestos cement have as one of its features to high temperature range (reaching up to 70 ° C during the day on the tile) under the effect of solar radiation. The heat transfer process in this case takes place substantially as a whole by the thermal radiation when the sun emits electromagnetic waves. These waves come in contact with the tiles that emit into the atmosphere infrared waves (heat waves), leaving the extremely warm environment. This phenomenon can worsen over time, when the tiles, because of the rains and organic decomposition if black and increase the temperature in the tile, providing a greater increase in internal temperature. The discomfort has serious health consequences, seriously affecting the willingness to work and more still for the study. It becomes almost impossible to sleep during the day, for the people who work the night. Many schools are covered with these tiles, which makes the atmosphere very warm and completely inappropriate for children, discouraging attendance and reducing school performance. To make matters worse, in winter, it does not protect the inhabitants against the cold as it does not impede the exit of the internal heat, if any. It is also known that in the heat there is an increase in violence. There is a significant relationship with the internal environment and quality of life, it is known that when the internal environment of the villas is hostile, there is the tendency of people get out, that is, spend part of their time on the streets. Another important fact is that with increasing temperature, fluid intake is increased. The problem is that these liquids are often drinks.Status: Ongoing; Nature: Extension.Students involved: Graduation: (2).Members: Hildeberto Chagas de Oliveira Filho - Member / Carlos Alberto Tenorio de Carvalho Junior - Coordinator.Financier (s): Scholarships University Extension - bag.Areas of expertise1.Major Area: Exact and Earth Sciences / Area: Physics.Languages Writes Reasonably.Productions bibliographic production Work Presentations1. OLIVEIRA FILHO, H. C.; The physical with the day to day .. 2013. (Presentation / Conference or lecture).2. OLIVEIRA FILHO, H. C.; Primordial elements of the universe based on the theory of Super Strings in p-brane. 2010. (Presentation / Other).3. OLIVEIRA FILHO, H. C.; Thermal blankets Low Cost. 2010. (Presentation / Conference or lecture).4. OLIVEIRA FILHO, H. C.; Thermal blankets Low Cost. 2010. (Presentation / Conference or lecture).5. OLIVEIRA FILHO, H. C.; In physical sciences: M Theory and Bible (Tanach). 2009. (Presentation / Seminar).EventsParticipation in events, conferences, exhibitions and fairs1.Aulão Pre-Enem.Introdução the theory of super strings, Relativity Theory and M .. 2015 (Seminar).2.Aulão Physics for High School Students Pre-Enem.Física with day to day. 2013

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