We are sponsor and support of The National defence Committee. NDC has achieved so very much over the years, we have much to be thankful for. None of this just happened. It all has been achieved because we now have over 4,000 sponsors and supporters who take action when we ask them to do so. And all you need to do to keep up with all these accomplishments and all these programs and all these efforts and new projects and new programs is just check the NDC website homepage, which is regularly updated.Very special thanks to all of you who are doing so much for your fellow citizens and your fellow Americans and your fellow military veterans. None of this can happen without you. NDC carefully picks and chooses between all the things that we are asked to become involved with. We cannot do it all, so we try to focus on those things that are “the right thing to do” and those programs where we DO make a difference and those projects where we DO have an impact.One thing you can count on. NDC WILL continue to choose programs and projects that provide an active impact on things that need attention by our fellow citizens or by our fellow veterans shipmates and comrades. Over time, we are winning some of these battles and when that happens, we move on. But we’re always finding new issues that need attention and new problems that need to be addressed and solved. We cannot do this without your help, so stay with us and help us to continue to succeed by encouraging your friends and colleagues to sign up with us using the sign-up section on the home page.We WILL prevail and we will NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!With all good wishes, Yours For America,Rear Admiral [Ret.] James J. Carey, Founder & ChairmanNATIONAL DEFENSE COMMITTEE.

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