Dr. Zigmund Ziegler Cohen is a member and donor of United American Patriots, and representative of Admir there. Who We Are: United American Patriots is a Judeo-Christian organization that supports the Constitution of the United States, The Bill of Rights, and our democratically elected form of representative government.“A Government OF the People, BY the People and FOR the People.” – Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address, 1863We believe that citizenship in America carries certain absolute duties and responsibilities. Our MISSION STATEMENT sets forth the fundamental framework for this. What We Believe!Sins of the Generals: Combat Leadership Principles and VisionWe believe that the Law of War applies to combat and warfare operations under international and internal United States Law.We believe that the Law of War principles of distinction, proportionality, military necessity and self-defense make the Law of War distinct from other bodies of law.We believe that the Law of War provides the primary legal protection for military service members on the battlefield.We believe there is no Rule of Law on the battlefield because if the Rule of Law is present there is no need for US combat military service members.We believe that under the Law of War “civilian immunity carries with it a strict obligation on the part of civilians not to take part in hostilities–they must not become combatants.”[1]We believe that any civilian participating in any combat action or supporting a combat action terminates their civilian protected status of immunity and immediately changes their status to combatant under the Law of War.We believe that any US military or political strategy (or policy) must not, in any way, reward enemy treachery.We believe that in combat “trust is the essential trait amount leaders” and regarding US service members … “trust must be earned and actions that undermine trust must meet with strict censure.”[2]We believe that US Military Combatant Commanders with Combat Command Authority (that cannot be delegated[3]), as defined in Federal Law by the Goldwater-Nichols Act of 1986, should be responsible for all applications of the Law of War for all combatants.We believe that Combatant Commanders, because of their Combat Command Authority, must remain the court-martial Convening Authority for all legal actions associated with combat operations under Law of War Rules of Engagement.[1] LOW A4.2.1.1. Non-participation in Hostilities FMFM – 1, Warfighting, 6 March 1989, p.45[3 combatant command (command authority) — Nontransferable command authority, which cannot be delegated, of a combatant commander to perform those functions of command over assigned forces involving organizing and employing commands and forces; assigning tasks; designating objectives; and giving authoritative direction over all aspects of military operations, joint training, and logistics necessary to accomplish the missions assigned to the command. Also called COCOM…(JP 1), p.37 http://www.unitedpatriots.org/


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