We are partners with A.M.E.S. The headquarters of the 'Oratorio Sancta Fides of the Congregation -Sant.Andrea- is dedicated to operating in Cologno Monz. Section 20093 (MI) Viale Emilia 6Anyone who wants a word of peace and serenity come to find us,we are available for good, regardless Creed and Race -we are all children of one Father, his house is to all believersregardless of the Doctrinal paths or lay,we are for a peaceful dialogue with everyone.You receive by appointment by calling the No. 19 Green 800 80 32-Father Anatoly at 347 8861693e-mail- Other Italian and foreign officesItaly - Rome - Registration albo of Associzioni with charitable purposes and social volunteering. tel 329 1630152. E-mail- info @ Turin in via Norberto Rosa 20. It operates as Accademia- School Higher Education European Union- "SAFE" . Www. Accademiasafe .org towards Gran Priore Dr. 011 2462 1138 info@accademiasafe.orgComo- at Parish of Sant.Abbondio in Via Tommaso Grossi 2 Pastor Mons.Anatolio tel 347 8861693 e-mail- Milanese - registration to the Associzioni with charitable purposes and social volunteering. tel 329 1630152 e-mail- s -The Noble Man Clement Cafaro Grand Prior of Our Ancient Order in London- opened the headquarters of the AMES and the Congregation Sancta Fides in 32 Queen st. Gravesend. Kent. From 122ee-London For contacts phone + 44 7966986011 pietapellicanouk @ aolSwitzerland- Der edle Ritter Großprior Claudio Casal das gründete Grand Priory Helvetic wurde die Rolle der Superintendent karitativen Werke der Kongregation Sancta Fides gegeben- Oberlande strasse 107-8600 Dübendorf +41 793614464

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