H. E. Dr. Hernan Rojas Calvo. ACADEMIC TRAINING > Post Graduation in Tax Law. ICAT - Institute for Cooperation and Technical Assistance. AEUDF - Unified Education Association of the Federal District. Brasília, DF 1999/2000. Diplomats Course Contemporaneos Affairs. Department of Political Science and International Relations. University of Brasilia, Brasilia, DF October to December 1983. VII Seminar for Commercial Attaches, Economic Advisers and officials Promotion Agencies Exports of Latin American countries, sponsored by the German Foundation for Development, Institute of Austrian Development Co-Community Economic European - EEC - and Inter-American Center of Commercialization organization of American States - CICOM / OAS. The course was conducted in the following countries: Brazil, Austria, Belgium and Germany. August - October 1979. Law degree. Law Faculty of the University of Santa Cruz, Ilhéus / Bahia 1972/1975. For this course they were used credit earned at the University of Costa Rica from 1970 to 1971. The course was through the Cultural Agreement Brazil / Costa Rica. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE> Lawyer and Managing Partner of Navitas Consultoria Empresarial. Brasília, DF, July 2011 to the present date. Lawyer-partner in the Office Banking Group. Brasilia, DF, December 2008 to June 2011. director lawyer / partner in the Personal Office Trade. Brasilia, DF, July 2005 to October 2007. Lawyer / partner in the area of ​​Tax Law, BAER - Tax Consultants. Brasília, DF, June 2004 to June 2006. Lawyer in the areas of Civil Law, and International Law Office in Frazão Rojas Abogados Asociados. Brasília, DF, October 2001 - May 2004. Lawyer in the area of ​​civil law. Brazilian Association of Travel Agencies (ABAV / Tourism). Brasília, DF, October 2000 - September 2001. Federal Deputy Parliamentary Counsel Almir Sá, in the Chamber of Deputies, as a consultant in the development of projects of interest of the State of Roraima, along with the ministries. Brasília, DF, January l999 - August 2000. Legal and Consulting for the Organization of Cooperatives of the State of Roraima in the development of projects of interest to that organization with ministries and international organizations. Brasília, DF, July 1996 - December 1999. Legal Counsel Mr. Ambassador Lic. Javier Sancho Bonilla, Embassy of Costa Rica in bilateral meetings Brazil / Costa Rica, on mutual agreements in the field of commercial aviation. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, December 1996 - San Jose, Costa Rica in August 1997. Advice to Brazilian companies to place their products in countries of Central America, 1992/1996. advice to construction companies for the viability of works in Latin America and Africa, Brasilia, DF November 1986 to July 1992. Lawyer in the areas of Civil Law and Labor Law in the Office Kutiansky SC. Brasília, DF March to September 1988 the 1991. Participant by the Embassy of Costa Rica in Brazil, as Charge d'Affaires A.I. review the bilateral Brazil / Costa Rica preliminary agreement for the payment of the foreign debt of Costa Rica with Brazil. Brasília, DF January 1986. Member of the Delegation of Costa Rica to the XIV General Assembly of the Organization-tion of American States - OAS. Head of Delegation Foreign Minister Lic. Carlos Jose Gutierrez. Brasilia, DF November 1984.Ӳ Counselor of the Embassy of Costa Rica in Brazil. Participation and development of INTERELATIONS with authorities and senior officials of the Federal Government of Brazil, in the Chamber of Deputies, Senate, Ministries, as well as with the governments Esta-dual to discuss and negotiate matters of mutual interest between Costa Rica and Brazil. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Costa Rica. Brasília, DF 1982/1986. Center Representative Export Promotions and Costa Rica. Promotion and dissemination of the products of Costa Rica in the different states of Brazil. Brasília, DF 1978/1984. Counselor and Consul of Costa Rica in Brazil. Preparation of political brief and movi-menting seen and consular documentation, participation in meetings of agreement you two or bilateral issues. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Costa Rica. Brasília, DF 1978/1982.Mayor of the Cantons of Tarrazú, Santa Maria de Dota and Leon Cortes. Instruction on Civil and criminal proceedings for Higher Instances. Instruction and statement preparation processes small causes. Family Law (Pencoes Alimenticias), Labour and Criminal Violations. Supreme Court, Tarrazú San Marcos, Costa Rica 1977/1978. PERSONAL REFERENCES Ansorena Claudio Montero, Senior Advisor to the Chair of Spain, Venezuela, Mexico and Central Board of the World Bank, Washington, DC - USA. Email: ansorenac@gmail.com José Mendonça Prado, Federal Deputy for the State of Sergipe, next to, Brasilia, DF National Congress - Brazil.Email: mendonca.prado@hotmail.comJavier Sancho Bonilla, Ambassador of Costa Rica in Managua - Nicaragua.Email: embajadorsancho@gmail.com Henrique Fagundes, Assistant Attorney General of the Attorney-General of the Federative Republic of Brazil, Brasilia, DF - Brazil. Email: fagundesiv@gmail.com  OAB-DF 8142

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