H. E. Maurizio Livrea. Qualifications: Trader at the Subsidiary of Luxembourg. Chef Dealer Dealing Room at the Subsidiary of Luxembourg.Tax consulting business and corporate succession.Expert in finance and international business with geopolitical implications.Private Banking in Luxembourg Subsidiary.Foreign Product Manager for private and corporate clients, Lloyds Bank in London Overseas dept.su International Banking from He worked at the London branch of the Institute in the room changes as a dealer Barclays Bank of London Capital Market.Room Change of Subsidiary Institute in Luxembourg.Mitsubishi Finance International in London Capital Market and Eurobonds.First Chicago in London, capital markets Eurobonds and new financial instruments.Security Pacific London, Eurobonds and Capital Market.Room changes the branch in Frankfurt.Seconded to the subsidiary of the 'Institute in Luxembourg,Seconded to the change room of the New York branch.Private Banking service.Frankfurt branch \ M with inspection activities.Subsidiary of Luxembourg to be inspectors.New York branch with inspection functionOutside appointmentsHe held the position of Board Member of the Center for Studies and Research Parliamentand Secretary of the Commission of Economy and Finance.He held the position of Member of the Central Committee of the FIDH (International Federation ofHuman Rights) Italian League organization of the United Nations and the Council ofEurope with responsibility to follow international economic problems. He held the position of President of the Commission "The rights of citizens in economic and financial International.He served as National Treasurer of the Italian League for Human RightsHe held the position of Vice President of the Italian League for Human RightsAnd 'President of the Political Literary Cafe (think tank in Italy, UK, Israel, Benelux, USA, France)And 'member of the National Movement for the Professions for ItalyAnd 'member of the Board of Trade Union primary ItalianAnd 'member of the General Council of Trade Union primary ItalianClassical Music, Psychology, Computer Science and Technology. He held the position of Chairman of the Board of Worshipful Masters of Lazio for 3 yearsHe held the position of President of the Rite Symbolic Italian Lazio for three yearsHe held the position of President of the Italian Regional Rite Symbolic for 1 yearHe has held the office of Grand Representative of the Grand Lodge of Louisiana from 2009-2013He was appointed Grand Representative of the Grand Lodge of Louisiana from 2014-2019

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