H. E. Dr. Marcelo Alexandre Siqueira De Luca. Civil Engineer (UFPR); Master in Production and Systems Engineering (PUC / PR); Doctor Honoris Causa in Science lInvestigacion (UNIAGSFMI), Cambridge University International agreement; Journalist (MTB 10338PR), Consultant in Scientific Research at national and international level, University Professor (Graduation and Post Graduation), Entrepreneur, Commander Grand Necklace, Senator Academic of the International Council of Arts and Letters Sciences (Coninter) for the State of Paraná , Academic Coninter Immortal (Immortal chair n. 22, patronymic life in his own name), immortal Academic Academy of Arts, Sciences and Letters of Iguaba Grande (Immortal Chair n.109, perpetual patronymic on their behalf), Academic immortal together the Imperial Academy of St. Constantine and St. Helena for Historical Sciences (Chair Immortal n.12, perpetual patronymic on their behalf), Cultural Ambassador of Peace by the International Committee of Ambassadors for Peace, Ambassador of Peace by the World Parliament of Peace and Security, Official the Grand Priory of Brazil from Saint Lazarus Order, Leader of the delegation Nossa Senhora da Luz dos Pinhais Paraná from Saint Lazaro Order, Count along the Royal House of the Arameans and Auranitas, "Luca De Conde" with noble blood recognition family "De Luca" in Italy, Author of Books, Research Scientist with several published articles, cultural activist with projects in education, Speaker, Rotarian, Worker of the Royal Art, Decorated with more than 50 commendations / titles / medals between National and International, among which the highest Brazilian commendation "JK jewel" (Cross of Merit Entrepreneur Juscelino Kubitschek, Degree of Commander, Brazilian Academy of Honors of Merit), Title Honorary of Commander, Commendation Castro Alves, History Order of Merit - Literary Castro Alves (Falb / FALARJ) Commendation Peace Nelson Mandela and Honorary Title of Commander awarded by Coninter and the Federal Order of Honors; International Award Top Academic Quality, International Council of Academic Letters, Sciences and Arts - Coninter and ICOPEC; Lion of Judah medal granted by the Institutional Theocratic Organization of the Arameans Crown and Auranitas - ORGARAM, Merit Cross Cultural and Philosophical, granted by the Brazilian Society of Philosophy, Literature and Education, Commendation Paul Harris Fellow, awarded by the Rotary Club BH. Coller and Diploma de Piedra Borinquen (Grade of Grand Cross), Brazilian Academy of Art, Culture and History; Captain CSLI, Lazarus Union - Union Corps Saint Lazarus International; Officer Of The Order - Grand Priory Of Brazil, The Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem; Liaison Officer for Paraná - Grand Priory of Brazil, The Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem. Collier Saint Paul Apôtre, Chebalier, Ordre Souberaine of Saint Paul; Paste Maltese Cross of St. John of Jerusalem, Cabaleiro Officer, Royal Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem Cabaleiros of Malta; Grand Cross Necklace and Diploma of Social and Cultural Recognition (Grade grain Paste) of the Brazilian Culture House; Collar of Merit Scholar in Latin America, Degree of Commander, Brazilian Chamber of Culture; Necklace and Diploma Deodoro da Fonseca (Grade paste), Brazilian Academy of Art Culture and History - ABACH; Medal and Diploma of Merit in Business Education (Degree of Commander), Brazilian Academy of Art, Culture and History; Medal and Diploma Dom Pedro I (Grade of Grand Officer), Brazilian Academy of Art, Culture and History; Grand Collar and Diploma Rui Barbosa (grain degree Paste), Brazilian Academy of Art, Culture and History; Knight Commander of the Order of St. Maurizio of Thebes, Brazilian Chamber of Culture; Libertadores Cultural necklace, Council of the Brazilian Culture Hall. Several Commendations recognized by the government and in the degree of Knight, Officer, Commander and Grand Paste. Scientific Research Advisor, from undergraduate to doctorate (with over 3000 free instructions given), Honorable Mention by the brilliant teacher performance in the discipline of Scientific Methodology, Technological Education Institute De Luca Daher - IDD .; participant in national and international congresses, associate of several academies culture, among which worthy of Bandeirantes Study Circle; Effective academic of Curitiba Culture Academy; Effective partner, Parana Arts Center; Educational leader of 2011 and Entrepreneur del year 2011, recognition by the Latin American Quality Institute. UN Volunteer Registry number 781860. Highlight First Place in the Academic Master in Production and Systems Engineering, along with PUC / PR. (Concept ultimate in all subjects, maximum grade "10" proficiency test in English Language and Dissertation passed with flying colors and no restrictions).

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